The Totality Of Life


The totality of Life is the functioning of an unfathomable intelligence. This entire Universe of galaxies, stars and planets, right down to each and every atom.

The Sun shining, The Earth revolving and orbiting The Sun. Water flowing, trees growing and flowers blooming. Birds flying, collecting twigs to build nests. Spiders spinning webs and catching flies. Horses galloping through the wide open countryside, whales swimming through the wide open ocean and each and every human being and whatever they seem to be doing.

Each and every human being is the same functioning. The human body in its entirety is an incredibly complex expression of this unfathomable intelligence. Each thought, each feeling, every impulse and urge is simply a happening, a functioning. Every choice, every decision, every action is an expression of Life. There is no individual doer, no separate self. Even the sense of being a doer or a separate self is the functioning of this unfathomable intelligence.

From the smallest to the greatest, there is nothing that stands apart from this functioning of the totality of Life. It is all there is. Right now. Just this one great functioning. This happening called Life.

Just this, as it is, in this moment.




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