Almighty River

There is no stopping.

The Flow Of Life.

The River is far too Mighty.


May It Take You.

May It Surrender You.

May It Drown You.

And Consume You.

Flowing In You As You.

Bursting through all Barriers.

Tearing down all Walls.

And Lift You Up.

Lift You High.

Resurrect You.

And Carry You.

As It Always Has.


You Are Sacred.

You Are Holy.

You Are Divine.

You Are Whatever You Appear To Be.

In This Moment.

And You Are God.

At The Same Time.

There is no separation.

This Moment.

Is The Divine Expression.

Nothing exists outside of or separate from.

This Moment.

Not even God.

You Are Divine.

You Are Holy.

You Are Sacred.

– A. Seagull 25.02.2022

The Music Of Everything

Each and Every One of Us.

Is an Instrument of The Divine.

Being Played in It’s Own Unique Way.

With It’s Own Unique Music.

This Is The Music Of Everything.

God Forms The Band.

God Plays All The Instruments.

God Is All The Instruments.

God Is The Music.

Forever and Ever.