Waking Up

Waking up.

In The Morning.

If there was a you.

And you were the doer.

Just imagine.

All those Things.

You’d have to start doing.

All the Processes in The Body.

Get The Senses working.

Fire up The Brain.

All those Things that happen by Themselves.

Without a doer.

Without a you.

Ducks On A Shimmering Lake


Like The Sun.

In His Blue Sky.

Her Power.

More Radiant.

Than a thousand Suns.


Than a thousand thousand Suns.

Supreme Power.

Infinite Power.

His Consciousness.


Than The Sky.


Than these Worlds.

Supreme Consciousness.

Infinite Consciousness.

Together Forever.

Eternally United.

As Existence.

As Reality.

As Life Itself.

As Awareness of The Breath.

As Awareness of The Heartbeat.

As Awareness of The Body.

And Ducks on a Shimmering Lake.


The Energy of “your” Body.

Including every Thought, Feeling, Impulse and Urge.

Is not separate from and IS.

Universal Energy.

“Your” Consciousness.

Is not separate from and IS.

Universal Consciousness.

“Your” Existence.

Is not separate from and IS.