A look at Life and what’s going on here. Sometimes known as Nonduality.

All of the information presented here is simply for your consideration.

Please consider it in relation to your own experience of Life.

This is the truth, this that’s happening right now, right where you are.

Not the information on these pages.

It’s not really about a correct answer at all.

The answer may present itself when you look for yourself. The answer is in the looking.

Anything I write needs to be investigated. It’s not the truth.

It’s just a pointer, pointing to a possible truth that you may find in your own experience of Life.

But only in your own experience of Life.

These writings of “mine” are just dead words if they’re not investigated.

Do not take my word for anything at all.

I might be spouting total and utter crap.

Check it out.

If you find this information useful in any way, good.

If not, that’s good too.

I’d also like to point out that any and all of the names that are used here, such as “ultimate creative universal energy” are simply pointers.

Different names resonate for different people.

Use whatever name you like, whatever works for you.

There are many, many names for “THIS”.

Simply “THIS”, that’s happening right now. Everywhere.

This infinite seamless happening that includes everything.

No word will ever be able to name “THIS” adequately.

No description will ever be able to describe “THIS” adequately.

Language cannot do “THIS” justice.

No chance.

“THIS” is something far, far greater.

You will never catch a river in a bucket.

Special thanks to:

Darryl Bailey http://darrylbailey.net/

Wayne Liquorman and Ramesh Balsekar http://www.advaita.org/

Thanks to:

Pixabay for the public domain images they offer and all of the talented photographers

involved, that make their work available for everyone to use.