A tree


Would you tell a tree to be a rock?

Would you tell a tree that it should look a certain way, grow a certain way?

Why do you do that to yourself?

You were taught that you are in charge of yourself and your life and that it all needs to be done a certain way.

But is that true?

Could it be true that whatever is in charge of the tree, is also in charge of you?

Peace with what is


You’re not running the show.

That which is running the show, knows exactly what needs to be happening right now.

Everything will be done perfectly, no matter how wrong you think it is.

But even your thought that something is wrong is what needs to be happening right now.

This thought is not your creation. If you think it is, then exactly how did you create it?

Peace with what is, is the realisation that you are not running the show and you don’t need to run the show.

You did not create the situation that you find yourself in right now and you are not managing it.

The show is running automatically. Everything is as it needs to be.

Already That


That which you are searching for is already right here.

You are already That. You always have been and you always will be.

Everything that you consider to be you or yours is created, done and maintained by That.

There is truly nowhere else to go, nothing else to do and nothing else to be.

Right here is where the search can end.