Ducks On A Shimmering Lake


Like The Sun.

In His Blue Sky.

Her Power.

More Radiant.

Than a thousand Suns.


Than a thousand thousand Suns.

Supreme Power.

Infinite Power.

His Consciousness.


Than The Sky.


Than these Worlds.

Supreme Consciousness.

Infinite Consciousness.

Together Forever.

Eternally United.

As Existence.

As Reality.

As Life Itself.

As Awareness of The Breath.

As Awareness of The Heartbeat.

As Awareness of The Body.

And Ducks on a Shimmering Lake.


The Energy of “your” Body.

Including every Thought, Feeling, Impulse and Urge.

Is not separate from and IS.

Universal Energy.

“Your” Consciousness.

Is not separate from and IS.

Universal Consciousness.

“Your” Existence.

Is not separate from and IS.


Leaves Turn Brown

Leaves turn brown.

Without a doer.

There isn’t a someone.

Inside the Tree.

Turning the Leaves brown.

Everything is perfectly under Control.

Just not by a someone.

Because there is no someone.

Not in the Tree.

And not in the Body.

Beginning Of A Thought

If you were the creator.

Of Thoughts and Feelings.

Wouldn’t you be able to find.

The Beginning of a Thought.

The Beginning of a Feeling?

Don’t Thoughts and Feelings.

Seemingly arise out of Nothingness?

Like Flowers appearing from the Earth.

In Spring.

And like the Fact that.

There are no wrong Flowers.

There are no wrong Thoughts.

And no wrong Feelings.

An Uncomfortable Feeling or Thought.

Does not mean it’s a wrong Feeling or Thought.

Or that there’s a someone at fault for experiencing it.

It does not mean there’s a someone.

At all.

Spring comes and the Flowers bloom all by themselves.