Dancing In The Garden

He, Shiva (Divine Consciousness).

In His Infinite Silence.

Infinite Space.

Infinite Intelligence.

Infinite Awareness.

Saw Her, Shakti (Divine Energy).

Dancing in the Garden.

Eyes closed with a Flower in Her Hand.

Although there was no Music.

He became Aware of Music.

And when She opened Her Eyes.

To look at Him.

He saw The Divine Fire.


Infinitely Creative.

Infinitely Destructive.

Infinitely Nourishing.

And Infinitely Fierce.

He saw that Her Power was equal to His own.

He saw Her and She saw Him.

They fell in Love.


And Ignited The Universe.

The Tao

The Sun breaks the Horizon Line.

In a Glow of Oranges, Pinks and Lilacs.

Boats swaying gently in the Harbour.

Ropes softly pinging against Masts.

Seagulls circle silently overhead.

Nothing but Silhouettes.

Against the Brightness of the rising Sun.


The me does nothing.

The me has no power to do anything.

The me does not need to be got rid of.

The me does not need to merge with God.

The me is not anywhere to be found.

The Sense Of Me.

Appears and disappears.

Countless times throughout the Day.

A Happening within The Entirety.

Not separate from The Entirety.

Not being done by anybody.

A completely Natural Happening.

A Beautiful Happening.

Absolute Truth

For Absolute Truth.

To be Absolute Truth.

It must be present and clear.

Right Now.

As Right Now.

As Everything.


Freely accessible.

Freely observable.

Freely tangible.

With no Requirements.

No Conditions.

No Borders.

No Boundaries.

No Limitations.

Be all inclusive.

Include all Opposites.

Be All That Is.

And All That Is Not.

What is there, when there is no thinking?

– Darryl Bailey