Totally Familiar


All This.


Is The Expression.

Of The One Source.

The One Appearing As The Many.

Absolute Power.

Absolute Love.

Totally Indescribable.

Totally Inconceivable.

And yet.

Totally Familiar.

Like an Oldest and Dearest Friend.

Closer Than Breath.

The Dance Of Every Atom.

God’s Love.

For You.

Is So Great.

So Without Bounds.

So All Encompassing.

So Absolute.

That He Is Being You.

She Alone Is.


Nothing separate.

Nothing left out.

Nothing forgotten.

Everything Held.



And Filled.

With, By and As.

The Divine.


Expression Of Life

Nothing stands apart from.

Or separate from.

The Infinite.

Ever Flowing.


Expression Of Life.

There is no separate self.

Expressing itself.

Doing itself.

Or making itself happen.

All there is.

Is The Infinite.

Ever Flowing.


Expression Of Life.

Beautiful Lotus Flower.

On Still Pond.

Reflecting Sky.

Reflecting Universe.


Almighty River

There is no stopping.

The Flow Of Life.

The River is far too Mighty.


May It Take You.

May It Surrender You.

May It Drown You.

And Consume You.

Flowing In You As You.

Bursting through all Barriers.

Tearing down all Walls.

And Lift You Up.

Lift You High.

Resurrect You.

And Carry You.

As It Always Has.

Everythin’s OK

Everythin’s OK.

Everything is The Divine Expression.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is out of place.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

As you are.

In This Moment.

As you are.

The Divine Expression.