Leaves Turn Brown

Leaves turn brown.

Without a doer.

There isn’t a someone.

Inside the Tree.

Turning the Leaves brown.

Everything is perfectly under Control.

Just not by a someone.

Because there is no someone.

Not in the Tree.

And not in the Body.

This Is Unconditional Love


Everything and Everyone.

Is included.

In The Happening Of This Moment.

In The Isness Of This Moment.

This Expression of the Energy of Life.

There are no exceptions whatsoever.

There are no conditions.

Everything is accepted and included.

Exactly as it is.

Nothing is left out.

Nothing is forgotten.

Nothing is separate.

This is Unconditional Love.

Absolute Truth

For Absolute Truth.

To be Absolute Truth.

It must be present and clear.

Right Now.

As Right Now.

As Everything.


Freely accessible.

Freely observable.

Freely tangible.

With no Requirements.

No Conditions.

No Borders.

No Boundaries.

No Limitations.

Be all inclusive.

Include all Opposites.

Be All That Is.

And All That Is Not.

What is there, when there is no thinking?

– Darryl Bailey

Everythin’s OK

Everythin’s OK.

Everything is The Divine Expression.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is out of place.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

As you are.

In This Moment.

As you are.

The Divine Expression.


There is nobody.

Doing the Baby.

Growing in the Womb.

The Growing Baby.

Is Life In Expression.

Intelligence Energy.


There is nobody.

Doing the Baby.

Growing in the Womb.

There is nobody.

Doing the Mother.

There is nobody.

Event Of Life

Life is not made up of separate events.

The Earth turning.

The Sun burning.

The Body functioning.

Thoughts and Feelings arising.

Are not separate events.

Life is this undivided.

All inclusive Event.

Happening right now.

You do not exist as anything separate.

From this Event.

There is no you making any of it happen.

All there is, is this Event.

Simply This.

Appearing all by itself.

Right now.