The River

Nothing exists as a thing.

There are no things.

Only Happenings.

Appearances in the Energetic Flow Of Life.

The Undivided Energetic Flow Of Life.

Every apparent thing is always.

Moving and changing.

No apparent thing ever becomes still.

No apparent thing ever becomes a concrete thing.

Like Ripples and Waves and Splashes.

In a River.

But all there really is.

Is The River.

Natural Energy

Everything existing.

Is the ever changing Expression.

Of Natural Energy.

The Absolute Universal Undivided Intelligence.

The Absolute Universal Undivided Creative Force.

The Cat wrecking the Christmas Tree.

Everythin’s OK

Everythin’s OK.

Everything is The Divine Expression.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is out of place.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

As you are.

In This Moment.

As you are.

The Divine Expression.