Leaves Turn Brown

Leaves turn brown.

Without a doer.

There isn’t a someone.

Inside the Tree.

Turning the Leaves brown.

Everything is perfectly under Control.

Just not by a someone.

Because there is no someone.

Not in the Tree.

And not in the Body.

Beginning Of A Thought

If you were the creator.

Of Thoughts and Feelings.

Wouldn’t you be able to find.

The Beginning of a Thought.

The Beginning of a Feeling?

Don’t Thoughts and Feelings.

Seemingly arise out of Nothingness?

Like Flowers appearing from the Earth.

In Spring.

And like the Fact that.

There are no wrong Flowers.

There are no wrong Thoughts.

And no wrong Feelings.

An Uncomfortable Feeling or Thought.

Does not mean it’s a wrong Feeling or Thought.

Or that there’s a someone at fault for experiencing it.

It does not mean there’s a someone.

At all.

Spring comes and the Flowers bloom all by themselves.

The River

Nothing exists as a thing.

There are no things.

Only Happenings.

Appearances in the Energetic Flow Of Life.

The Undivided Energetic Flow Of Life.

Every apparent thing is always.

Moving and changing.

No apparent thing ever becomes still.

No apparent thing ever becomes a concrete thing.

Like Ripples and Waves and Splashes.

In a River.

But all there really is.

Is The River.

This Is Unconditional Love


Everything and Everyone.

Is included.

In The Happening Of This Moment.

In The Isness Of This Moment.

This Expression of the Energy of Life.

There are no exceptions whatsoever.

There are no conditions.

Everything is accepted and included.

Exactly as it is.

Nothing is left out.

Nothing is forgotten.

Nothing is separate.

This is Unconditional Love.

Raw Awakening

Awakening to the Unity of Life.

Isn’t becoming something not Human.

It’s being completely Human.

Rawly Human.

Divinely Human.

It’s not about having everything under control.

It isn’t about a constant state of calm.

A glazed blissful look.

Or a permanent smile.

It’s about being alive.

Intensely alive.

With the full spectrum.

Of Human Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions.

It’s about the Realisation.

That the Flow and Happening.

That you are.

Right now.

Isn’t separate from.

The Flow and Happening.

Of The Universe.

And never was.