Everythin’s OK

Everythin’s OK.

Everything is The Divine Expression.

Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is out of place.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

As you are.

In This Moment.

As you are.

The Divine Expression.

Life In Expression


Everything is.

Life in expression.

Including the sense of being a separate entity.

With free will and choice.

Including the mechanism.

The process.

Sometimes called the ego.

Nothing stands outside of.

Or apart from.


What is.



Everything is.

Life in expression.

This is not so much about.

Something changing.

Something improving.

This is more about inclusion.

The inclusion of everything.

Exactly as it is.

In this very moment.

This is the recognition.

That everything.

Is already included.



Everyday Life


Each thought, feeling, impulse and urge.

The expression of a power and intelligence.

That is beyond comprehension.

Your very ordinary.

Everyday life.

This very moment.

All inclusive.