Stay In Bed


Just stay in bed.

For a few more minutes.

And wait for the next impulse.

The next urge.

Where did it come from?

Who made it happen?

How did it happen?



2 thoughts on “Stay In Bed

  1. YES!

    Deep sleep. There is nothingness and nobody. And then “I” am suddenly awake lying in bed because for some reason waking up happened. For all “I” know, “I” could have died during the night and waking up never happens. And that may very well happen some day.

    I just lie there. I wonder what will happen next and when. I drift off into thoughts about the day, Bonnie, my clients, things to be done… And the next thing I know I am up opening the curtains, or making the bed or putting on clothes. “I” don’t do it. It just happens.This happens every morning. It is amazing as it gets the day off with the realization and experience that “I” am not doing anything. Everything just happens.

    This is an experiment that happens every morning. “I” don’t have to do any thing. I just lie here. And then “IT, ” whatever IT is, gets me out of bed and going. And the next thing I know I am writing comments on Who Grows The Grass. I didn’t see this coming in all of my morning ruminations! 🙂

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