Just This Moment


It’s funny.

That we write so much.

And say so much.

And discuss so much.

And argue so much.

About THIS.

When all THIS is.

Is just this moment.

Right now.


The expression of this moment.

The happening of this moment.

This expression includes everything.

Happening right now.

Appearing right now.

This happening is all encompassing.

This happening is infinite.

Nothing exists outside of THIS.

Nothing exists separately from THIS.

Everything is included.

Exactly as it is.

Right now.

Everything being expressed.

Everything happening.

Everything appearing.

Nothing making itself exist.

Nothing making itself happen.

Nothing making itself appear.

The Source of the expression.

And the expression.

Are not two.

The Source of the happening.

And the happening.

Are not two.

The Source of the appearance.

And the appearance.

Are not two.

Just THIS.


Happening now.

Just this moment.


As it is.

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