This is not about liberation.

From your humanness.

This is about liberation.

As your humanness.

The problem is not.


As a human being.

A human happening.

The body-mind-consciousness complex.

That you are.


The only “problem”.

Is identifying as a SEPERATE self.

Separate from the Source of its existence.

And that’s not even a problem.

Because you were never a separate self.

There is no separate self.

There is no separation.

It just appears that way.


How are you making yourself exist?

How are you making yourself happen?

Just look at how complex you are!

How could you be making any of that happen?

Just look at the fact that you have no idea.

In your direct experience.

How any of it is happening.

How are you existing?

How are you alive?

How are you conscious and aware?

How are you breathing?

How is your heart beating?

How are you seeing?

How are you hearing?

How are you sensing anything?

How is your brain functioning?

How are thoughts, feelings, impulses and urges arising?

How are you moving your body?


Might it be that it’s all simply happening?

That you are a happening?

That you are an expression?

What could be making you happen?

What might have the power and the intelligence to be and do that?


Now look at all the rest of Nature.

How does all that exist?

How is all that happening?

Just look how complex it all is!

Is any of that making itself happen?

Or is it all simply happening?

What could be making all that happen?

What might have the power and the intelligence to be and do that?


You are a happening.

All the rest of Nature is a happening.

Is there any separation there?

Or is it just one big happening?

Including everything.

Including you.

Just this, happening now.


And is there an edge to THIS, NOW?

Is there anything outside of THIS, NOW?

Could there ever be anything outside of THIS, NOW?

Or might THIS, NOW be infinite?

Might THIS, NOW be absolute?

Might THIS, NOW be The Absolute?!!

The Absolute, Source, God, Brahman, Consciousness, Life, Nature, whatever.

Expressing itself as THIS, NOW.

As EVERYTHING in this moment.


You as you are.

Right now.

Are an expression.

Of The Absolute.

Of Source.

Everything is.

There is only The Absolute.

There is only Source.

Being and doing everything.

Source and its Expression are not two.

There was never any separation whatsoever.

This is liberation.

As the human happening that you are.

Right now.


You are not The Absolute.

You are an expression of The Absolute.

The Absolute is You.




Ordinary, everyday Life.

Ups and downs.

Pleasure and pain.

Good times and bad times.

Smiles and crys.

Good and bad.

The Absolute.

What a miracle.


Thank you.

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