Be Good


From a very early age.

We get taught.

To be good.

“Be a good boy”.

“Be a good girl”.

We are taught.

That we have the power.

To control our behaviour.

“Behave yourself!”.

And we must control it.

We must be good.

The people who teach us.

Were taught the same thing.

And it was never questioned.

But do you have the power to control your behaviour?

There may be a sense that you do.

An illusion.

But how exactly do you do it?

Are you picking and choosing your behaviour?

Are you stopping undesirable behaviour and generating desirable behaviour?


Or is it just a ridiculous assumption?

Do you have any power to control anything at all?

Or is everything an expression of THIS?

All there is, is “This”.

This “ultimate creative universal energy”.

This “infinite”.

This “everything”.

Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

All by itself.

Without anybody doing any of it.

And this is what you are.

What everything is.

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