Words are only pointers.

They only point.

To THIS happening.

THIS cannot be named.

In any true way.

But carries all names.

You can name THIS whatever you like.

Whatever works for you.

THIS may be more helpful than CHIMPANZEE.

In certain situations.

But all words point to THIS happening.

Every word.

Every name.

Is a label for THIS.

There is only THIS.


The fact that THIS cannot really be named.

Does not mean you should not name THIS though.

The right word or words for you can lead you all the way home.

To the home you never left.

The right word or words for you.

Can lead to an intellectual comprehension.

An intellectual comprehension.

Can lead to a felt sense.

A felt sense can lead you to your Truth.

Find your own words.

Find your own Truth.

Just THIS.

Happening right now.

Right where you are.

No matter how it is appearing.

No matter what is being expressed.

THIS is the Truth.

There is only Truth.

There is only THIS.

THIS is being and doing you.

THIS is being and doing everything.

Including words.

All there is, is “This”

This “ultimate creative universal energy”.

This “infinite”.

This “everything”.

Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

All by itself.

Without anybody doing any of it.

And this is what you are.

What everything is.

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