One True Guru


There is only one true guru.

Appearing in many different forms.

With many different names.

All pointing to THIS.

All showing the way home.

The home nobody and nothing ever left.

Nothing needs to be found.

Nothing is ever lost.

All there is, is THIS.

Happening all by itself.


Today on Guru Purnima 2016, I would like to pay my respect and express my deepest gratitude to the one true guru by acknowledging and thanking some of the brightest lights on my own path.

My deepest thanks go to:

Darryl Bailey

Ramesh Balsekar

Wayne Liquorman

Lisa Cairns

Paul Smit

Alan Watts

Robert Wolfe

Tony Parsons

Rick Linchitz

Sailor Bob Adamson



Finally I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the inner guru, the internal teacher. Our direct intimate connection with THIS, whatever you want to call THIS.

Your very being, your very existence, is its highest teaching.

Every thought, every feeling, every impulse and urge are its pointers home.

There is only THIS.

The one true guru.

This one infinite universal energy.





This one infinite seamless happening.

Happening all by itself.



Happy Guru Purnima 2016!

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