No Surrender


There is no need.

To surrender.

Because you are already.

Completely and utterly.



Because THIS.

Is already being and doing.


Including you.

All there is, is “This”.

This “ultimate creative universal energy”.

This “infinite”.

This “everything”.

Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

All by itself.

Without anybody doing any of it.

And this is what you are.

What everything is.

2 thoughts on “No Surrender

    • Exactly! And what would be doing the surrendering? 🙂 LOL We don’t have any power to surrender or to allow or anything. Everything is already surrendered and everything is already allowed. THIS is the Absolute. Absolute power and intelligence. THIS. All THIS. The arrogance of the human is hilarious (also an expression of THIS, of course) that it thinks it can allow or surrender by its own power. This is the great Cosmic Joke. When the rug gets whipped out from under you, you just stand there with your pants down in awe. You realise that you never had a chance. But you never needed to have a chance, because everything is so perfectly taken care of already.


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