Darkest Corners


Even the darkest corners.

Of your mind.

The things you try to hide.

The things you are ashamed of.

The things you think are wrong.

Those aspects of yourself.

That you think should not be.

Your weaknesses.

Your failures.

Your fears.

Your frustrations.

Your dirty little secrets.

That gnawing feeling of not being good enough.

That gut wrenching feeling of not being OK as you are.

All of it.

Is an expression of THIS.

An expression of this one infinite universal energy.

All of THIS.

The dark and the light are held and expressed in and as THIS.

THIS is both dark and light.

May this Light illuminate the darkest corners.

May it be seen that there is only this Light.

All there is, is “This”.

This “ultimate creative universal energy”.

This “infinite”.

This “everything”.

Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

All by itself.

Without anybody doing any of it.

And this is what you are.

What everything is.

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