Each And Every Atom


Each and every atom.

In this entire universe.

In this infinite seamless happening.

Is placed with absolute precision.

Arranged in absolute perfection.

With absolute intelligence.

To create and form.

All of these things.

From this galaxy.

Right down to the coffee cup on your desk.

From the heart beating in your chest.

Right out into infinity.


Who places these atoms with such intelligence and precision?

Take a look at your hand.

What a magnificent display of atoms.

What an incredible thing you are.

A perfect expression.

Of this one infinite creative universal energy.


THIS that expresses itself as everything.


Right here.

Right now.


All there is, is “This”.

This “ultimate creative universal energy”.

This “infinite”.

This “everything”.

Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

All by itself.

Without anybody doing any of it.

And this is what you are.

What everything is.

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