Enlightenment Is Not Necessary

The following is a response that arose to a question from someone. This is the one and only time that I am going to answer a question like this. These kind of questions are of no use to anyone.


Did you “experience” enlightenment, or was it pointed out to you that you already are that?


I have no idea what enlightenment actually is. I would also therefore not claim to be enlightened.

There are so many different ideas about it. I would also say that it is not necessary to be anything labelled as enlightened. It is not necessary to be anything other than what you are right now in this moment. There is so much crap going on with this “I’m enlightened and you’re not” and to be honest that just misses the point completely.

You are an expression of universal energy (or whatever you want to call THIS) whether you are so called enlightened or not.

Let’s say you define enlightenment as being at peace with everything that happens. Let’s say you think you’ve attained that. Then there’s a guy down the road who is suffering in a really bad way. You know, he has terrible anxiety and panic attacks or something like that. He can’t leave his house. But, both you and the guy down the road are expressions of this universal energy. Neither of you are in charge of how you are expressed. Both of you are perfect expressions of this power, force, Absolute, whatever you want to call THIS. In reality all there is, is THIS expressing itself as everything. Everything is equal. Everything is valid. There is no one expression that is better than any other expression.

And the main point is that you’re not expressing yourself! You are not choosing how you’re expressed!

I have no interest in enlightenment. I am interested in expressing that everyone and everything is a completely valid expression of this universal energy (or whatever label works for you).

I am not interested in basing anybody’s freedom on having to be anything labelled as enlightened. It is everyone’s birthright to simply be what they are right now and maybe to realise that that’s all they can be and that that’s absolutely fine the way it is.

THIS that is being and doing the sun, the stars, the earth, the trees, the animals. All of THIS.

Is being and doing you, right now.

If what you are getting at with your question is whether I am expressing this stuff from direct experience, then I’d say yes I am.

This is the one and only time that I am going to talk about this, because it isn’t necessary either.

There was a moment that happened that I can only describe as a revelation (at the time I had no idea what the hell was happening, the label revelation came from reading about it later). It was an absolutely shocking experience. All I can describe it as is a face to face meeting with the Absolute. But it wasn’t face to face because it didn’t really have a location. It was just here. Right here. Just like a light got turned on and it revealed itself. You are shocked to your core at the absolute power of it. It is alive with energy. Such amazing indescribable beauty and power. Such absolute power that the mind just stops. You are just in awe. Total and utter awe. You recognise what it is too. You just know it. You know this power like an old friend. You recognise home. There was a feeling of terror and a feeling of being held and supported totally at the same time. There was a feeling it could destroy me at any moment completely, but that at the same time it is what is making my existence possible. It is in charge, it is being and doing everything. There is no doubt about it when you come face to face with it. And then it seemed to go to work on me. It grabs you with such a force that it feels like it knocks the air out of you. It was a feeling like being torn to shreds internally. But like thin tissue paper being shredded, not painful or uncomfortable in any way. It was blindingly obvious that it was doing it, not me. The only thought that arose was “I am being annihilated by unconditional love”. It was obvious I had no choice, something greater than me was simply doing what it was doing. Whatever that was. I have no idea.

The experience only lasted a few minutes and then went back to pretty much just my regular experience.

Then I began expressing what I express here in the way I express it. Or I should say this began to be expressed, because I am not doing it. That is so blindingly clear. The human being Adam, is not capable of thinking this stuff up. Everything you read here is a spontaneous expression, expressed through this human being. It is THIS expressing itself.

The most important thing that was learned during the experience i described above though is that that experience is not necessary.

THIS is already being and doing everyone and everything. There is no need for any special spiritual experiences for this to be the case, the truth. Every experience is a special spiritual experience.

This power, this force, this Absolute, God, Brahman, universal energy, whatever you want to call it. THIS is all there is and THIS is being and doing EVERYTHING. THIS is just one infinite seamless happening that’s happening right now. THIS includes EVERYTHING.

You are an expression of THIS, just like everything else. Right now. Already. You are a perfect, valid expression of THIS exactly as you are in this moment.


I am not interested in enlightenment. It isn’t necessary. Just be what you are.


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