Divinely Fucked Up


No matter how fucked up you think you are or you may seem to be…..

…..you are absolutely perfect.

You don’t create the way you think and your thoughts, you don’t create the way you feel and your feelings, you don’t create the way you are, you don’t create the impulses that make you do the things you do or don’t do and you don’t create the thoughts and judgements you have about all of these things.

What creates all of these things is what makes the insect crawl, what makes the bird fly, what makes the tree grow, what makes the sun shine, what creates this whole universe and everything in it.

You are that “ultimate creative universal energy” in action, expressing as what you call “me”.

There is only “ultimate creative universal energy”.

You are absolutely perfect just as you are.

If you realise this then things may not change, because there is no need for them to change, but you may find a new freedom.

A freedom from the need to be anything other than what you are right now.

You are divinely fucked up. You are absolutely perfect.

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