Right Here, Right Now, Always and Everywhere

All there is, is this “dynamic happening”.
This “dance of energy”.
It’s happening all by itself without anybody doing it.
All of the somebodies are just expressions of this “dance of energy”.
Everything is an expression in, of and as this “dynamic happening”.
There is only this “dynamic happening” happening right now, right here, everywhere.
It’s constantly flowing and changing and morphing.
    It includes everything in all variations.
Good and bad.
Pleasure and pain.
Peace and suffering.
And everything else in between.
Anything can be presented, anything can happen and it’s always changing to the next presentation.
You can’t understand what this happening really is, why it’s doing what it’s doing or what it’s going to do next.
You don’t control or command what, how or when it expresses or presents what it presents.
It just expresses.
It just happens.
And you can’t change it.
You are an expression, a presentation, of it.
You can seemingly change your shoes, but you can’t change what or how or the way it’s expressing.
That would simply be it, expressing you changing your shoes.
You have no individual personal power to do anything.
The only power belongs to this “dance of energy”.
This “dance of energy” IS absolute power.
    Suffering arises in this “dynamic happening” when any kind of arguement with what is arises.
Any kind of arguement with what’s being expressed.
Any kind of arguement with what’s happening.
When an expectation arises about how it should be expressing, what it should be presenting or when, then suffering arises.
Wanting to make it present in a certain way will never work, ever.
When a belief arises that that’s possible in any way, then suffering arises.
When an attempt to make it do that in any way arises, then suffering arises.
It is simply what it is, always.
Simply what’s happening right now, always.
It’s always expressing with absolute precision, creativity and intelligence.
Everything happening at exactly the right moment.
Everything happening perfectly, however it appears to be.
Some things you will like and some things you won’t.
But it’s all perfect.
It can only ever be, whatever is being presented right now.
Just this one “dance of energy” happening all by itself, without anybody doing it.
Constantly changing, but cannot be changed.
Any arguement with what’s happening right now, any expectation about what it should
be, is suffering.
There can be a strong dislike of the presentation, there can be resistance to the
presentation, but as soon as “this should not be” arises, suffering arises.
All there is, is “This”.
This “ultimate creative universal energy”.
This “infinite”.
This “everything”.
Happening right here, right now, always and everywhere.

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