Nobody There

In The Middle Of The Forest.

Nobody There.

In The Middle Of The Busy City.

Nobody There.


Who Thoughts Belong To.

Just Thoughts.


Who Feelings Belong To.

Just Feelings.


Who Body Belongs To.

Just Body.

Nobody There.

Waking Down

Are You Looking To Transcend?

Are You Looking To Escape?

Life Is Very Practical.

Life Is Very Ordinary.

Life Is Very Visceral.


Life Is Now.


Is A Beautiful Experience.

But It’s Just Another Experience.

Another Passing Experience.

At Some Point.

The Rubber Always Hits The Road.

That’s Life.

Wanting To Wake Up?

Ready To Wake Down?

Glazed Eyes.

Permanent Smile.

Give Way.

To Clear Vision.

Deepest Respect For.

And Deepest Enjoyment Of.

Life As It Is.

With Nobody Doing Any Of It.

Radiant Power Of Creation

Radiant Power Of Creation.

Flows In You.

As You.

Every Single Thought.

Every Single Feeling.

Every Single Impulse.

Every Single Urge.

And Every Single Action.

Every Single Cell.

And Every Single Atom Of Every Single Cell.

And God said I Am.

Mystical Experience

Mystical Experience.

Is in no way.

A requirement.

All it does.

Is prove.

Beyond doubt.

What is already the case.

Which Wave in The Ocean.

Is the wrong Wave?

Which Wave.

Is not The Ocean?

Does a Cat.

Have to know.

That it’s a Cat.

To be a Cat?

You Are.

Totally and Utterly and Completely.

Fine As You Are.

Everything Is.